Spirited initiative and resourcefulness

Tactical and Disciplined Approach

Unwavering Determination and Adaptability


Committed Industrial is a real estate investment platform founded as a partnership between established parties possessing complementary expertise and resources to specialize in the development of high-image light industrial warehouses in thriving markets with a business-friendly environment and high growth potential.

The firm’s mission is to create lasting value for investors, partners, employees, and communities by developing projects that enhance the built environment, promote economic growth, and improve the quality of life for all.

Committed Industrial aims to operate like an institution by leveraging rigorous financial analysis, market research, and risk management strategies to ensure the financial viability of its projects and deliver superior returns while not losing sight of real estate fundamentals and basic principles of success. The firm prioritizes transparency and open communication with its investors, partners, and stakeholders to build trust and foster strong relationships while valuing the power of creativity, innovation, and boldness in the pursuit of excellence which encourages a culture of collaboration, experimentation, and continuous improvement to deliver projects that are best in class.

The firm leverages a spirited initiative and resourcefulness that drives its ability to identify and pursue unique opportunities in the market, a tactical and disciplined approach that supports efficient execution, and an unwavering determination and adaptability that helps overcome any obstacles that may arise along the way.

Investment Philosophy

Pursue Growth
In our view growth is a necessary ingredient for long term performance of real estate as investment vehicle. Delivering attractive risk adjusted returns on paper nearly always requires the underwriting of rent growth and we see an increasing divergence between what is underwritten and what is the actual growth being seen in a market.  We operate in markets supported by robust leading indicators to rent growth of population and employment growth.
Remain Nimble
Committed Capital Partners has a deep entrepreneurial spirit and as a result has a flat organizational structure that allows us to remain nimble and open to changing course when conditions dictate such. This approach creates the opportunity for our firm to out compete many larger and more cumbersome real estate firms through quick decision making and operating without bureaucracy.
Deliver Exceptional Value
To truly stand out in today’s real estate market where tenants, end-users, team-members, and investors all have a multitude of different options available to them, we feel it is imperative to over deliver across all aspects of our business. Whether it be the experience an end user has when visiting one of our properties or how we treat a brokerage partner we work with, we aim to make it a positive experience that is remembered.
Out Work the Competition
At the end of the day successfully achieving a desired outcome many times hinges upon how much is put into its pursuit. We recognize this as an opportunity to outperform by simply putting more in – more effort, more dedication, more time, and more thought. This is our commitment to you.
Effectively Manage Risk
Our firm believes solidly that the future is not knowable. There is far too much randomness at work in the world for future events to be predictable and that concept is directly applicable to real estate investments. As such, it is our belief that investments must be taken on in a manner that first seeks to mitigate downside risk, then ensures risk is not taken on that exceeds the upside potential of the investment.

Our Principles

We operate methodically with purpose and by these defined standards that we believe in and embody to our core.

  • In life there are objective truths that exist irrespective of any emotional response or opinions. Ignoring these truths breeds ineffectiveness, and omission or obfuscation of these truths reveal flaws in character. We believe absolute transparency and recognition of the objective truth is the path to effective endeavors and meaningful healthy relationships.
  • Rational humans all seem to universally recognize a certain code of conduct to be right versus wrong. Having a deep sense of integrity to abide by this preferred code of conduct under all circumstances is critical in business and in life as promises and trust are truly the foundations of meaningful relationships.
  • Business and life in general are full of shortcuts that avoid the hard decisions that lead to exceptional results. Furthermore, our brains as humans are  genetically programmed to avoid challenges and seek comfort. Discipline is having the strength and presence of mind to recognize weak decisions and opt for the decisions that we inherently know to be the correct ones.
  • This is the principle that Committed Capital Partners was founded upon. Having the unmitigated tenacity to remain committed to something against adversity and seeing it through to success is paramount in our view. If failure is an unacceptable outcome then the solution is to succeed and if quitting is not an option then success, sooner or later, is inevitable.
  • The human ego, which is a persons sense of esteem or self importance, is responsible for many negative consequences in life. Our ego can prevent us from accepting facts, truths, or responsibility while also causing us to act in ways contrary to the good of the group. Business, particularly the real estate business, is much more enjoyable and productive if everyone drops the ego and recognizes that we are all mere mortals.
  • It seems to be an ironic truth that broad consensus is many times incorrect when examined truthfully. As such, it is important to be able to formulate individual ideas based on sound logic irrespective of the view of the majority. To ensure that this methodology does not result in arbitrary disagreement with broad consensus it is important to identify multiple believable sources of information in a subject matter and attempt to reconcile your conclusions against their guidance.
  • Being in positions of trust and confidence requires taking complete responsibility for outcomes good or bad as this forces one to act rather than be acted upon in apathy. It is the responsibility of the individual in a position of leadership or control to proactively make efforts in good faith to avoid bad outcomes and learn from bad outcomes if they do arise to mitigate their continued preponderance.
  • Average is defined as “ordinary, typical, mediocre, or not very good”. None of which sound to be worthy things to aspire to. Thinking beyond this and towards excellence as a target forces the implementation of bigger thinking and solutions that ultimately unlocks continued possibilities for improvement.
  • Failure should never be feared as it is failure that ultimately breeds success. That said, it must be explicitly understood that attempts that end in failure or attempts in general, while potentially admirable, are not to be considered synonymous with success. The only thing that should be celebrated as a positive result is the achievement of a positive result not the mere intention of a positive result.
  • To overcome challenges it is of most importance to be willing to accept the full depth and breadth of a problem. Being willing to accept hard truths creates the opportunity to recognize a starting point and to methodically work to overcome any challenges. Failing to accept reality precludes the identification of a starting point and near certainly guarantees failure.
  • Acting with reason means to think and form judgements. The challenge for us humans is that our subconscious mind many times will subtly abandon logic in forming these judgments in an effort to protect us from perceived threats. Many times in business and life it is necessary to act without reason, or said differently, to act based on a plan or toward a desired goal notwithstanding any judgements to the contrary our mind or the minds of others might make against the necessary actions.
  • Failing to identify and allowing problems to remain unresolved results in the degradation of ethics, integrity, and responsibility which in turn is likely to breed subsequent problems. Being relentless in the identification of problems and proactively solving them results in better outcomes.